How A Gravity Ball Transfer Table Can Help Streamline Any Manufacturing Process

The most common way for an employee of a manufacturing facility to become injured is by lifting items that are heavy, which can lead to pulling a muscle or damaging the delicate vertebrae in the back. Rather than requiring their employees to do repetitive heavy lifting, many companies are choosing to incorporate the use of a Gravity Ball Transfer Table within their facilities. In addition to reducing the chance of an employee sustaining an injury, they also provide the following benefits that can help streamline the most arduous manufacturing process.

Shipping Departments

Many companies send off large groups of products in one box, which can save on shipping charges but create a potential safety hazard. A gravity ball table can help by allowing employees to quickly roll a box of goods from a production line to a shipping department without having to lift them. A conveyor at the end of the table can lower the box onto a pallet, which will allow workers to load the boxes onto shipping trucks with a forklift.

Packaging Areas

When items are being packed into a box, the employee may need to pick the box up and move it to other stations within their line. Rather than using a great deal of physical exertion, a gravity ball table will allow the staff person to easily slide the box to the intended department and help speed up the packing process. This can not only help prevent injuries but increase the productivity level of workers.

Raw Good Transfer

Raw goods are used to create a final product during the manufacturing process. After they are received by a manufacturing facility, they are typically unloaded and moved to the next phase of the production process. A transfer table will allow employees to decrease the time it takes to move raw goods between departments, which can increase the facilities manufacturing capabilities exponentially.

A gravity transfer table can be one of the most useful tools in any factory. To learn more and see how affordable safety and increased efficiency can be, be sure to check out the full line of products available from Hudson Bearings. They have helped businesses of all sizes streamline their manufacturing techniques, which saves time and money.