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The Bodybuilder’s Best Protein Friends

Proteins are termed as body-building foods. The simplest protein unit, the amino acid, is what builds up the muscle cells.
The addition of supplements to a bodybuilder’s diet, coupled to the intensity of activity will determine the levels of proteins they’ll need in their diet. The smallest protein amount for any bodybuilder should be 3/4 of 1 gram protein per body weight. For the average male, daily protein intake should be 120 grams.
It is advisable to choose meats which are leaner as they are richer in protein content. However, not many have the courage to take unusual combinations on their list of meals in the name of adding up to their daily protein need. For this reason, protein shakes, which are rich in protein supplements have become a darling to many bodybuilders.

Coming in diverse flavors, protein shakes are now up for grabs more than before. The protein shake supplements come in 2 broad classes which are: MRP (Meal Replacement) and Protein Shakes. MRPs are not preferred as much by bodybuilders due to their increased fat and carbohydrate content. On the other hand, Protein Shakes have minimal carbohydrates and high-level protein, which makes them the preferred option.

In each protein shake are different types of proteins, of which 5 are the most important for body-builders. The different pros and cons of these proteins determine a great deal, the combination which each bodybuilder opts for.

Whey, tops the list. Rich in branched chain amino acids, whey stands as a standard via which all other proteins are assessed. Nonetheless, pure whey products contain too much lactose, which causes difficult digestion and bloating.

Casein, also from milk, is known for taking longer digestion periods in the stomach. In as much as it is no match to whey’s capacity in building muscle, it is the best protein to take at bedtime. All through the night, the muscle cells receive a steady supply of amino acids from the slow casein breakdown.

The egg protein forms a crucial component of this list due to its easy digestibility and bioavailability, though it comes at a fortune’s cost. Though impressive, its amino acid profile is not as good as that of whey.

Genus protein is vegetable based, originating from the yellow pea. Carrying the largest amounts of arginine and glutamine, the Genus protein makes the best mate for whey protein. With very low fat levels, it is the easiest to digest.
Soy protein, is characterized by female-like estrogen agents which enhance smoothening and fattening of muscles, thus being avoided by bodybuilders.

The best protein shake combination is a mixture of whey and genus protein.

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