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How To Choose an Internet Service Provider For Your Business

When you’re planning to subscribe to an internet service intended for your business, it appears at first that it’s really a straightforward process. In reality, there is more to it than just believing what the service provider advertises and then getting impressed by it to a point that you don’t even bother to read the contract offer.

Considering that the ISP you’re looking for is intended for business use, it means you are expecting it to provide much better internet service based on reliability and speed compared to what you’re accustomed to using at home. And considering that you will be paying the ISP a lot of money, maybe for a very long time, it means you must be putting in the extra time and effort in determining which of the many ISPs out there is the best in terms of service and price. Below is a list and short discussion of the things you must consider when selecting the finest internet service provider for your business.

1. Connection Type

When it comes to the type of connection, internet service providers offer two types. The first one, rightfully called as “standard,” or officially referred to as high speed or broadband service is the most popular. The most common examples are DSL and cable, which by the way are marketed for their high speed, not reliability and quality. They’re also a lot more affordable than the second type called “high availability service.” This second type of service is best described as premium since it offers a service level agreement where the client will only experience two hours of downtime every year. Arguably the most popular form of this service is fiber optic connection.

2. Connection Speed

Because you’re using the internet service for your business’ affairs and operations, it will help a lot if you are able to calculate your speed requirements. The one thing you want to avoid here is getting speed that you later figure out to be insufficient to meet your company’s needs.

3. Service Availability and Timeframe

As much as you want the high availability fiber optic for your business, it’s unfortunate to know that not everyone can access it. In fact, some areas in the country still aren’t reachable by cable and DSL internet lines. Therefore, don’t get too ahead of yourself and instead figure out if there are any ISPs in your list that already have established lines in the area where your business is located. And if they don’t have one, how long will take for them to construct a line to your business?

In the end, there still are several other things you need to factor in aside from those three we mentioned and you must do your own research on understanding things like cost-efficiency and redundancy, as well the reliability of the ISP’s technical support.
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