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A Guide to the Keto Diet

The Keto diet is getting popular today for people who desire to lose weight and have been failing with other weight loss programs. In this method, you actually lose weight when the body uses the stored fats in it to give it energy, instead of using carbohydrates as its energy source. Weight loss will result if the body uses its stored fats to fuel it.

If a person want to start a ketogenic diet, he must eat high fat diet and low protein with practically no carbohydrates or a very sparse amount. Eighty percent fats and twenty percent protein should be the fat to protein ration of the meals that you are taking for the first two days. This ratio should be followed strictly in the first two days since this will bring your body into the ketogenic state. When the two days are done, you need to decrease your intake of fat by a few percent which increases the percentage of protein intake plus a bit of carbohydrates. In order for the muscle tissues to grow and be sustained, you need to increase your protein intake. The new ratio of fat-protein-carbs should now be 65-35-5 ratio which shows a decrease in fats, increase in protein and carbs at a low minimum. The thing with eating carbohydrates is that it triggers the pancreas to release insulin so that glycogen, amino acids, and excess calories are stored as fat. So when carbohydrates are absent this will not happen, meaning, insulin will not be released to store the calories as fat.

The thing with carbohydrates is that it is also the source of body fuel and when this is absent, the body looks for an alternative source. And since fat is stored in our bodies, this will be the natural alternative to give the body energy for its needs instead of carbs. Ketosis is when the body uses the stored fats to give it energy. So you body will then lose fat but at the same time maintain its muscles, giving you a wonderful physique.

If you are able to sustain the fats-protein-carbohydrate ratio then you will be able to maintain the state of ketosis and be successful in your weight loss program. The rule of this diet is to eat fats to give your body energy and if the body needs more energy then it will start burning the stored up fat in your body. The good thing about this diet is that you always feel full since fats take time to digest.

It will be alright to do the keto diet all through the week and during weekends you can have a carbs up day. It is important that some days you take carbs since this will also allow the body to take in other important nutrients that the body needs for growth.

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